Well it's a sorry state of affairs
The way my boy keeps rambling on
And it's a tragic way to live life
When I don't know if he'll be gone
I try my best to entertain but he's just like a butterfly
With the wind like a wisp on a whim oh Lord
I know I'm gonna lose my guy
Well it's a sorry state of affairs
I know my boy is going away

Just last week I took him out for the day
To a little place I know where the surf and sand play
Thought out there he'd have nothing to distract him
And he'd hold me in his arms for a lifetime of hours
Soon enough I saw his eyes glint at the sky
At his latest novelty for which to leave me behind
He saw a cliff, saw a view, for all I know he saw you
And he left me down here just singing the blues


On our very first date he looked me deep in the eyes
And he got from me the things that I would normally hide
We fell in love in every possible way
And we didn't get to bed 'til the break of day
We talked of jazz, and love, and loving jazz
And we danced to Coltrane on a strange rooftop
On our second date he brought a friend to the show
'Cause I'd told him everything but this girl was unknown
How could I compete with your mystery?
Oh soon enough they left and forgot about me
They took the jazz, took the swing, took the be-bop too
And they left me down here just surrounded by blues


I don't know who you are but I've a plea for you
Please don't take my boy away and leave me feelin' blue
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Feelin' Blue Lyrics

Tie-Dye Quartet – Feelin' Blue Lyrics

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