[Verse 1: Tiara Thomas]
I'm a trill bitch.
That's straight out the gate.
And the forties outta space. [?]
That is not up for debate.
And I got a lot of drugs.
And a new attitude.
I should open up my closet,
So you can see what it do.
Got a white t-shirt and skinny jeans on
Black and leather shoe string, Louis Vuitton.
Yeah I be on 'em
Like couples on a date.
When I turn the lights on,
All these bitches gonna hate.

Turn the lights on.

[Hook: Tiara Thomas]
Ahh yeah.
They just want the money money money
Cars cars clothes clothes.
Ahh yeah.
Bet you never met one like me.
Swear this bitch is so trill yo.
Ahh yeah.
Call em 4 dolla bill hoes
Cause these bitches not real no.
Ahh yeah
They just want the money money money
Cars cars clothes clothes.

[Verse 2: Tiara Thomas]
Bitch, I'm a real ot. [?]
These hoes don't know me,
But I know you saw my homies
From across the fucking street.
They were waiting in the car, all black.
They were throwin' those seats right back.
And I know you heard that bangin' 808 up in the back
When it drop like that.

[Verse 3: Tiara Thomas]
When it drop like money,
Shit's not fair
The shit's not funny.
When you say those things,
Behind your screen.
When you see my team,
You get soft like bunnies.
Don't like don't like don't like those niggas.
Don't fight don't fight don't fight no bitch cause
The money do more damage than a motherfuckin' fist does.

Hook x1

[Verse 4: Tiara Thomas]
I be like, "Fuck the world. Fuck the world."
These 4 dolla bill bitches can't touch a girl.
Cause you know I'm out here gettin' it.
And I'm all about my business.
On top of my shit
Don't need no handout from no nigga.
Money money money cars cars clothes clothes.
And when those car doors close
And the shades go down.
I'm still killing these hoes.

Hook x1
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4 Dollar Bill Lyrics

Tiara Thomas – 4 Dollar Bill Lyrics