Darkness has fallen, burnt the sign to holy flesh.
Denominations of whiteness and sanctuaries will wither away.
The cross shall no longer be in high standing supremacy.
We rise from beneath the nordic honour and break through the hymen of a new age.
Satan in us... Surrounded by hell.

Set the wolves at strife.
Release the beasts from retreat of minds twilight

Once enshrined powers, dispels the angel's light.
It's time to give birth to infernal storm.

... Return Satanas!!
The demons and witches of doom, ride across the bloodred skies,
Staring through our ardent eyes.
Charged by immortality, they desire us,
To shackle this earth to see the destruction of all feeble churches.

I'll convert the disgusting bigots... In shadowed rapture, to suffocate their rotting art of living.
Devastate god!!

Mock the commander of helplessness... Whining misery,
At the dawn of holy trinities mangled.
Come for us, thou sacred opponent.
We tear to shreds thy dreams.
It's so glorifying to see you bleed.

Enthroned are those who march in darkness.
Immortal are those who dance hand in hand with the angels of death.
We are the sword in the heart of god.
Cutting thorn in the mourning soul of jehovah.
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Satanic Ages Overture Lyrics

Thyrane – Satanic Ages Overture Lyrics