Kaos, destruction, lust...
Is the apocalyptic reality.
The flames of hell burn the life:
Is the justice of the ancient gods.

Lords of destruction, hear my voice:
This mighty words
Are a spell of destruction
In honor to the olden gods of darkness.

The fire rain destroys the earth.
Is the power of the true gods.
The final chapter of human kind.

God of fire, Father sun,
Destroy the humans
In your cosmic throne of darkness.

This spell that remain
The olden prophecy of the ancient knowing.

This spell that remained the enemy
Dead in his cross
Bathed in the blood of his lambs.

This spell that remained the cult of the elements,
The beauty songs to the dead
And the alliance
With the supreme forces of the infinity.

In the dark name of justice
Remained this spell,
An to us into the end.

For his glory is this spell full of power.
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