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The False Prophet Lyrics

Thy Art Is Murder – The False Prophet Lyrics

Behold the beast arises from the depths of hell
Sent forth to harvester the Christians
And lead them to a kingdom of evil away from their god
Before you stands a man but beneath the flesh
Stands a worthless creation
Mortal slaves, forced to serve they pray to god
Hoping he will forgive their sins, and save them from damnation
The art of deception serves the prophet well
Gathering gods, servants like lambs to the slaughter
Turning them against their lord, they will march against their creator
Fuck your god;
I stand before you calling out your god
I am the prophet, speaking in serpents tongue
Before you stands a figure, but beneath its shell
Stands a false prophet disguised by shadows
A servant to the dark lord, brought upon this earth to destroy humanity
Servants of God converted by the words of the dark serpent
Driven by hate and vengeance betraying their messiah
Legions of Demons march towards the gates of heaven
They follow Satan's chariot to Babylon
The time has come for the armies of god to defend the holy one
Satan's army's on the horizon, waiting for the horn
Unholy crusade against their creator
Leaving god no choice but to eradicate his own

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