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Decrepit Purification Lyrics

Thy Art Is Murder – Decrepit Purification Lyrics

There is no hope you are helpless
To the chaos that has raped your world
Genocide to all that is innocent
We have waited for this day and now it is time to feast
We must find them and end their existence
The wise will end their own lives
To spare themselves from unimaginable torture
Execution of their own families, now the dead slaves of god
It has started tearing limbs from torsos to disable our prey
Feasting on their flesh to satisfy our hunger
The blood of the innocent deep within my veins
My strength growing with every drop
Separate the heads from the bodies
These pests are not worthy of a name
The bodies pile up, headless cadavers
Limbs intertwining each appendage lifeless as the last
This kingdom of decomposing peasants
The putrid stench of dead cunts boils my blood
The thought of victims that are yet to be devoured
Is what motivates this holocaust
I need to stop the birth of the deceased
We kill in packs, a force of evil they could never conquer
Surrendering will not bring them mercy
Only divide the cowards from the brave
They will be butchered, erased from this land, humanity is obsolete
Carving in the faces of women and children
Their fathers forced to watch as they are bludgeoned
Ten thousand victims blood, flowing inside of me
Tenacious murdering, extorting breath from the naive
The death squad hunts you

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