Seek now, brave man
To the northland, meet our friend
And take this staff as your guide
Seek and find the northern land

Over the hand of Elverheim
Where lays our path?
There where the sun never travels
Restless, we will be

Time is not on our side
Soon night will fall

Towards the isle of Bezeroth
Where no man returned
With our guide
Restless we will be

Time is not on our side
Now we must go

When the clouds darken the sky
And the mist impede our sight
Then we can pass by the isle
Where then the northland appears

Rest now friends
The wisdom of Mystis and Silenoz
Will guide our fate

The shores of the Northland
How far away now?
Listen, comrades
We will be seen

Time is not on our side
Soon we'll arrive
Hail friends, come on land
Hail Northman
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Anno Viroviacum Lyrics

Thurisaz – Anno Viroviacum Lyrics