I wish I could say everything you used to be blows up in smoke,
For everybody else to see it's a joke,
Doesnt't't it make you feel like you have to choke,
On the words you spoke,
When the promise you broke.
You were looking mighty small to me,
Cought up in your world of misery.
Cause when you found a light to lead you the way,
You were looking for a fire to lead you astray.

*Out of your mind, you were looking for change
You were going blind.
Say what you want, be what you want, be who you wanna be!

You held your values so high, how could you sink so low?
You tried to reach for the sky, now youve got nowhere to go.
You think it's worth the pain, you say you're free to choose.
Hey, youve got nothing to gain but everything to lose!

I don't understand why you had to sacrifice your ideals,
Everithing you stood for, I know how it feels.
Bouncing back and forth day by day,
Never reaching home never wanted to stay.
You held your values high, too hgh to reach,
You almost touched the sky, now you're back on your feet.
Follow the light again, leading the way,
And spit out the fire that lead you astray.


You held your values high, too high for you to keep
You almost touched the sky, now you're back on your feet
You had your plans and hopes, you had your dreams to share
Now youve got nothing at all, you endet up nowhere
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Values Lyrics

Thumb – Values Lyrics

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