I don't fucking need you
I only hate you
Wont tell you twice that your time here is spent
Youre just a coward in your safe place
Well your security hangs by a thread
No more threats
This promise is all I can give
You disrespect this, you disrespect us
But not again as long as I live
Fuck you, your friends and your life
Respect is give and take in my eyes
You've scarred everything you are
But you'll never scar my pride
You run your fucking mouth when I'm not around
There's just so much to say
You walk to fucking proud
Now fess up or just walk the other way
No more threats this time
No more threats
Just walk the other way
No more threats
Just this promise as long as I live
No more threats
You only get the respect that you give
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Walk Away Lyrics

Throwdown – Walk Away Lyrics

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