Hell on earth, the unforgiven rebirth
I crept from the womb of a skeleton breed
Into a world of shit, hypocrisy and greed
I was born of fistfucking and alien seed
Stumbled through youth blindfolded and weak
Choking like hell in my enemy's grip
Found heaven in a harlot's fingertips
My manhood between her apocalips
And wanton thoughts still plague my mind
Can't see what's good, I must be blind
Had A. 44 still screaming for more
After a few good deeds and my head still sore
Took the pills and headed out to score
To find something that I knew no more
I never thought it would go this far
But I needed something to heal the scars
Kept convincing this would be my last
But you know, this thoughts pass out so fast
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Fistfucking & Alienseed Lyrics

Throne Of Chaos – Fistfucking & Alienseed Lyrics