In my life
I've had to try to make it on my own.
Sometimes it's hard to be alone.
In my mind,
My loneliness would never seem to end.
Something is happening that I don't understand.
(Chorus) In my heart, I feel the heat
Of something burning deep inside of me.
I'll be the man that I could never be,
Now that I've found you.
In my heart, I realize
You are the light that opened up my eyes.
You are the answer and the reason why
I'm living my life for you.
Through my eyes,
I've seen a world that no one's ever seen.
Seems like I've lived inside a dream.
In my dreams
I've never thought I'd have someone who cared.
Then you walked in my life, and made me so aware.
And if my world should fall apart,
I know that you will be there... In my heart.
(Chorus, repeat
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In My Heart Lyrics

Three Dog Night – In My Heart Lyrics