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Dancin' On A Pole Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia – Dancin' On A Pole Lyrics

Chorus X2: You like that?(I like that) You want that?(I want that).
Apple bottom booty, nice rack with a fat cat.
Dance like you dancin' on a pole(How you like that?)
Now dance like you dancin' on a pole(How you like that?)

Refrain #1: Come on, hang out with the Juice-man, cuz I'm yo nigga.
I can even last longa, and my pants is biggaa.
Ain't no choosy type dude, I'll take a dark skinna,
Or that girl on bet, that be hostin' with tigaa.
It don't matta to a playa, cuz I'm icy to the toe,
And when I walk outside, I can jump up in the rolls.
I see ya dancin' in the club, like you strippin' off your clothes.
You need to hit me on my chur, cuz you allready chose.

Now can a man get choooose in these kinda cloooothes?
I run uo in the back, hoes dancin' on a pole
The bar's on me but just for my dogs
Cuz a lot of these niggas be savin' they brawds
Look at every nigga tryna tip the bitch
And when she ain't payin' shit
You wanna whoop the bitch
So please listen to my words
It's 100% thug
Yo pimpin you can't take it
Stay out the strip club


I need a hoe...
2 get down and wont break baaack
And bring back dat of dat caaat
See I aint go be actin maaad
Cause she have to twurk dat aazz
You can bring it dead in yo baaack
You see I got a dank did daaat
See money don't grow too faaast
Don't think slow baby just think faaast

If I ws a dog wit it
Mane she poppin long wit it
Chrome Coleoin
Tryin to see
Can we all hit it
Hell yea I like dat
Standin wit ya nice rack
Apple Bottom booty
Wit the thong showin out of dat
Shorty she's a bad chick
Nothin like an average
On the real dog
Mane I think I gotta have it


New Three 6 Mafia
Most Known Unknown
Its goin down

(music fade)
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