Slow motion drips between folds
Driest tales of tears untold
Scrounge and panic empty hands
Empty heart pumps empty sand
Weighed down in a dormant feel
Pinch a nerve to know it's real
Pregnant with a star tonight
Melt my tongue in speech so slight
Eyes aglaze your satin chilled
Skin and face of that I killed
In your gown and wrists are crossed
Spasm shake for that I lost
There in plainest view I turn
Sudden scream as past I burn
I deny the whole of you
Nothing else for me to do
I deny your beauty
Blocked entirely
I deny that you existed
Disused piece of me
And now in this my darkest time
My memory's gone and with my mind
The rumble of this prayer to gain
All I need to start again
But words are weak as I am proof
That fools use words to speak the truth
In riddles, lies, all indirect
But when can I myself connect?
And I alone stand not so tall
I block out one, I block out all
Erase a notch, we're back another mile
Tonight we dream the beauty in denial
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The Weakness Of Words Lyrics

Thoushaltnot – The Weakness Of Words Lyrics