Chorus: Light up the sky! Light up the sky! Watch me light up the
Sky! Light up the sky!
Verse 1: Hands held high. Sweat drippin' off me. Lights on me, got these
Fakers tryin' to stop me. Sing a harmony, it's a way of life just like
Holy fields enticing. Gloves off, fight night. Boom! Here comes the
Hurricane, monsoon switched up. Came to redecorate the room. My ears are
Ringin' from hearin' the same sound. So what now, all of the walls just
Came down.
Pre-Chorus: I blaze the trail like, the rays from taillights. Sound
Shakin' the ground like earthquakes and air-light. Someday I'll die, but
Not tonight. Excuse me while I –
Verse 2: Game time whippin', mint condition. Lights out stoppin' all
Competition. My utmost to it's highest, it gets no flier. Uh-oh we set the
Main frame on fire. Boom! Correct from pill meant the pedal, I push to
The metal. The dust never settles, I never pick up the bass in the treble,
'Cause faith, that's a rebel, I could show you the devil.
Bridge: Nowhere else have I seen such lions led by lambs. So if you're
Not afraid of a stand up, take my hand. (Light up the sky) We got a pedal
Up front, but beyond this a promised land. And when we all shout together
Now believe me they'll understand.
Outro: Excuse me while I, light up the sky.
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Light Up The Sky Lyrics

Thousand Foot Krutch – Light Up The Sky Lyrics