Sink your teeth in the glitz and the glamour.
And lose yourself in the pretty lights and the even prettier poisons.

It's a love affair with the famous deaths.
It's a love affair with the prettiest murders.

Hey, it's all the rage, and everbody's doin and everybody's losin it.
So why don't you? Yeah I said you. Don't hide behind your lover, tonight it's goin down.

I'm taking sides now it's them or it's you.
Drawing a line, now choose.
Kill all the lights, take the stage, here's our cue.
Cutting the rope of the noose.

Open up, and swallow all your cares away, you run and run from yesterday.
So breath it in, your new life that has promised you a better way a better you.

I could never hate you for this or leave your side.
I could never let them hurt you or blind your eyes.
But I swear I'll tear you limb from limb if you ever cross me again.

Get out.
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Go Comatose For Me Baby Lyrics

This Is The Hospital – Go Comatose For Me Baby Lyrics

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