Bleed for You
I'm just sitting outside just thinking about how we use to be/
Time goes by and it kills me inside just to see how we
Could have turned out to be/
Looking back now I see you were the best for me/
I feel it in my chest with my heart still pumping/
Although you may not see how much you are killing me/
I felt as if I've loved you even before I had meet you/
I try and I try to get you out of my head/
With a little voice inside saying you can never turn back/
You tell me tell me you don't care anymore/
And that I should give up on you and to stay apart/
But I've keep my faith from now and from the start/
We use to be just dreams apart/
There use to be nothing to tear us apart/
The past is gone and the present is here/
I don't want to go nowhere/
Making life go bye and not seeing you by my side/
It tears me up from the inside/
As I go to sleep and I'll I want to do is weep
As I give these for you to keep
My Sweet dreams that won't come true/
That's what I'm leaving all for you/
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Bleed For You Lyrics

Thirty Minutes To Forget – Bleed For You Lyrics

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