Your sister's golden hair now falls
Across the bed we called our own
She holds her fella tightly
Mocks the isolation of the night
Every loving laugh I've known
Is now a match between my lids
The night is long
Since you have gone
From our home

Can you feel me?
As I reach to touch you in the night
I'd run to you now if I could
But it's a dream - my limbs are still
The night plays tricks on me
Since you have gone
From our home

So I will lie beneath the whispering trees
I'll kiss you in my memory
We'll walk atop these hills of sand
See how you soothe this shaking drunken hand
Beneath the burning sun
I felt us melting into one
A year ago
When you were here
In our home

So I will raise my voice to the north-bound wind
In the morning you will hear me sing
A breeze to soothe your fitful rest
You'll hold this ghost song to your chest
You'll cross the deserts
Cross the seas
For a second you will lie with me
You'll lie with me
In our home
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In Our Home Lyrics

Things Of Stone And Wood – In Our Home Lyrics

Songwriters: GREG ARNOLD
In Our Home lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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