You will rise and walk again withheld
The life you led was painted thin
Swallow what's left to live for
It's gonna carry me through
In this conscious light
Heaven's above you
Ever fear there's no one listening
Try to count your final days
Discretion held for living
There's no turning back
Final hours of hopeless ashes
Turned to dust in sympathy
Look in the sky to count the blessings
Lead us in this grace
With burning breath we fuel the damned
Lost moment of brave conduction
There's no turning back
Seduce the furry to terrify
Hell awaits your aftermath
This time your coming home
Lead us in this grace
We plead for conviction
Luring to intoxicate
It's time for the annihilation
We plead for the invitation
To believe
To succeed
It's time to perform the annihilation
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With Burning Breath Lyrics

Thine Eyes Bleed – With Burning Breath Lyrics