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Like Some Leaders Lyrics – Like Some Leaders Lyrics


Doug B: Yeah yeah we don't stop keep it real uh-huh introducin The wogs The wogs

Maureen Kabasita (alias momo): Why do they have to lie, they love to lie x3 yeah yeah yeah


Like some leaders they love to lie
Like the losers they'll have to die
Even Judas had to miss the pie
With Jesus we can rule they sky x2

Verse 1

Emma Ends (Rhymes in Luganda)

Uh-huh nkomyewo ntandikide wa?
Ku bavubuka bavubuka nvumbude ekyama
Tega okutu owulirize
Yesu Kristo omwana wa Katonda
Kye kyama nze kyenjogera ko
Ekyama kyenjogera ko kya mponya njaga, sigala, omwenge, waragi
Kati nalokoka huh sesetula sesetula olugi lwo ayingire
Yesu Kristo omwana wa Katonda ye agamba
Tayagala bugaga bwo tomunyumiza mukyala wo abana bo twala eri
Ye ayagala bulamu bwo akulokole obe wuwe
Come on x6 huh


Verse 2

Patø †

Now the God I rely on one from Zion
The one who gives the one who takes the one who was forever be the one who is
The one who saves whats yo case bring yo face
If He trusts u to lead us don't cheat us make sure u lead like Jesus coz
Without yo people u don't exist got no sit got no feast
If u want food on yo table gotta make good become yo lable
Oppress not the feeble
Corruption deception the kindo thing to end
Salvation to all nations God had ma Jesus sent
Lets all repent coz on God we all depend
Just know that wealth is worthless on the days of wrath when ma God is back
That devilish deceipt ya u know it'll defeat ya


Verse 3

Emma Ends

Am back again like never before
Against the leaders who try to lie us cheat us
Is it becoz the moni?
Leadership tryin to promise promise that not come true
Now am takin u back takin u back to Christ whom u deny when u lie us
The young generation we ain't be shaken about what u see u do notin
The media's like promotin pornography spoilin the young generation
But as Christ rules He be judge accordingly
Leme drop da mic n let Christ be ma guide x2
Guide x3


Verse 4

As I stroll da streets da Word I preach
The last of the lands'll all be reached
I show am not slow I got da right flow
U can't crack da code take it back to God
Pato Plus with The wogs scratchin rappin u all been laughin
We be the last to drop the mic against the lies
That's right that's right

Emma Ends Pato Plus we're The wogs
With sweet melodies of Maureen in the background
Doug B in the mix
'know what am sayin that's right keep it real
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