"Gaunt and gnarl'd
Reflecteth the silver shield this welkin' aghast,
And with haste translateth to gild'd black post and fast. "
"Anon - anon, say I! - the lid aside,
Crawl without this velvet-clad coffin blest,
The bottom sand of the hourglass is at tide,
'Tis and hath e'er been merry blood to pest -
To be adust for time longer can I not bide,
Hence the heart hale out thro' the chest!
Misery thee?! - Rather misery me! -
For in Time's durance am I naught but wee. "
"Sensing this pine is as deep as the
Deepest chasm,
Hither! - cede and fulfil my phantasm!
Cherish me and sonorously do me laud -
For dread! - thine eyes will behold a guise faugh'd. "
"This tender and loving pest I to the bequeath,
Thence swiftly wilt thou errant to 'Neath. "
"And to me should'st thou be the humblemost knave,
Lest fear! - spit I on thy cist and grave! -
Lest leer I at thee and do bewitch,
And the tharms fluttering claw'd and eldritch. "
"To conquer thee and thy blood for glore
Art thou my afeared and reluctant whore;
Irksomely coy, save wilied by alarum,
Bear this torture and maim with decorum. "
"If e'er always was I this blissful and blithe
Would I resign to but it's wee tithe. "
"Purvey my ache and quench my profoundest urge,
And to thee will I sing the lull-dull
Deliver thy blood like the rill filleth the ghyll. "
"Burrow to the trothplight with the Nigh and Devil! -
Bid Him to league with me - forsooth, merry to 'come 'twill. "
"Whilom wast thou vestal, yet now flit to thy tryst,
Elsewise will I coerce
Thine consonantry to turn whist;
Grasp I the snath and cut off thine breath,
So that thou canst in darkness and inferno vester,
For do I solely what He to me liefly saith. "
"Death - oh! Fair and 'guiling copesmate Death,
Be not a malais'd beggar; claim this bloody jester! "
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Fair And 'guiling Copesmate Death Lyrics

Theatre Of Tragedy – Fair And 'guiling Copesmate Death Lyrics