Television flickers all thru my nights
Bathing me in it's omniscient light
Smothering my brain in it's icy drone
It shows me things that I've never known
Beauty queens dance before my eyes
While teenage whores offer their surprise
An endless parade of decadence and sin
Transfixed I smile a hungry grin
Out in the night, out in the rain
There is no love, there is no pain
Only dark skeletons flow in my sight
Only my wraith walks on my right
Sometimes a young girl strays too near
With pretty eyes filled with s** and fear
She'll walk with me and make no sound
While brilliant blood flows to the ground
Television flickers on thru my nights
Burying me in it's omniscient light
Shrouding my brain in cold blue mist
It shows me things that can't exist
Everything around me seems so cold
There are no memories for me to hold
I feel only ice forming in my head
I close my eyes and turn to red
Eric Wincentsen
267@ef. Gc. Maricopa. Edu
Glendale Community College,
Glendale, Arizona
"Give me ten wheels for Jesus!"
-Elvis Hitler
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Theatre Of Ice Lyrics

Theatre Of Ice – Theatre Of Ice Lyrics