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Get It Right Lyrics

The Wish You Weres – Get It Right Lyrics

[female voice:] hi welcome to fat fucks may I take your order?
[male voice:] uh yeah let I wanna triple extra sloppy megaburger
[female voice:] uh huh...
[male voice:] some motz sticks
[female voice:] uh huh...
[male voice:] gimme some tater tots with chili and cheese
[female voice:] ok....
[male voice:] uh fucking take a milkshake right?
[female voice:] uh huh...
[male voice:] half vanilla half cherry fucking put a cherry on it
[female voice:] uh huh...
[male voice:] and then a diet coke

[female voice:] would you like fries with that?

[male voice:] did I order any fucking fries!!!!!

[whole song x2]
Going through the drive through
Trying to place my order
Why can't you ever get it right

I know you work here
I know you hate it
That doesn't mean you can't get it right

Not trying to be rude
Don't spit in my food
I just want you to get it right

I know your job sucks
But it's not that complicated
Try real hard to get it right.
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