There once was a lad who lived in the mountains
Ran through the valleys and played in the fountains
A merry adventurer wild and free
The rambling life and him did agree

Of love he was sworn to never acquire
Free from the chains of a sweetheart’s desire
Many a woman was sorely dismayed
The lively young lad they could not dissuade

One morning in june while out on the water
The boy caught a glimpse of the mayor’s own daughter
In all of his travels he never had seen
A sight like the lassie that stood on the green

He rowed back to shore so determined to find her
Into the town he endeavored to spy on her
Soon he arrived at her father’s own door
The home of the girl he had seen on the shore

He knocked at the door and spoke to her father
Requesting permission to call on his daughter
But the mayor refused and try as he may
The lad was condemned for his rambling way

He turned in dismay at a loss how to win her
Once all contented his heart turning bitter
When who should call out from the window above
But the maid he desired and wished now to love

Pray tell is it true that you roam through the mountains
Run through the valleys and play in the fountains
It’s long that I’ve wished to be wild and free
For a rambler’s wife I’ve wanted to be

With no more ado they ran off together
Contented to live in the hills and the heather
And long was their happiness free from all strife
With adventures aplenty from the rambling life
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The Rambler Lyrics

The Willis Clan – The Rambler Lyrics