Well, I asked her while she cried what she was doing with her life,
And she said, "I could marry a sailor, and I think that I'd make a good wife.
But he would leave for months at sea,
Leaving only the baby and me.
I do not think that I could stay faithful,
Or I could leave this town for good, taking only some photos and a book,
But I'm pretty sure my legs would grow weary. "
Well then she asked, "How about me?" I said, "Well Darling, let me see.
I hear wedding bells and see kisses from lovers,
And those lovers, or so it seems, appear to be you and me.
But I could be wrong cause my mind is awful hazy,
And now I'm seeing something else, and it's me; I'm by myself.
I appear to be older, and I'm awful lonely.
And as I cry, I ask God why? How could I let my poor wife die?
And I told her not to cry and to wipe her eyes.
Well, if love is all you had, well then baby that's not bad, and if love is all you got, then that's a hell of a lot. "
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Sailor Song Lyrics

The Weeks – Sailor Song Lyrics