Baby you iz my only dime piece
You are my number ten
Baby you iz my only dime piece
You are my number ten
Baby you iz my only dime piece
You are my number ten

(Ohhhh it's love I know)

One is together
Two is the same
Think about you
As I start each day
Got you pregnant what can you say?
We are happy
And we are in deep as love
You popped out a baby
When I didn't wear a glove
Now your body is changing
And you might feel gross
But baby mama
This is when I love you the most
Your tits are growing
And glowing... Pink
Gotta us cereal milk
By the end of the week
If they feel tender
Or real bad
Don't be upset
Baby don't be sad
I will kiss em to make them better
Or straight up suck em
You know I rather
I like em when they thick
Sucking in the park
Peds just stare and call us sick

Now baby girl dime piece
I love you with all my heart
Might of been a player when I got my start
But people change,
And so do I
Can't wait for our baby
I will cry
Shedding real man tears from being happy
Holding hands in the mall
Dinner on me we walking tall
With a baby in the stroller
Baby I love you
Here let me hold her

You know this is how I really feel Quicktime real talk

Music use to come first
But now you my thrist
And our daughter is number one
And we iz having fun
We growing old
Dressing for the weather
As we snuggling real tight
With our baby by our side at night
This is the life I always wanted
And I always waited for
Love you hundred and ten percent
And so much fucking more
This be the life we both share
This is the life we will compare
To the other families out there
We on top
And the others just stare
It's funny how we met when we did
Now your boobs are getting bigger then
Bigger then
Anything I know
I love your boobs you aint a hoe
Your my love forever and always
Give my life take my last breath away
To save you and my baby girl
Goal in life
Give you both the world
Give you the life I never had
Tears of joy I aint sad
Tell you what baby mama
I don't think I wanna call you baby mama
You know how I really feel
Lets make our love real as real
For now on you aint just a dime piece
As stated before you is my life
And as I drop on one knee
Hold your hand
Ask you to be my wife
I'll be your man
Please say I do
Spend life together just me and you
One is togerther
Two is the same
I call you wifey
All day everyday
Kiss my wifey
I start each day
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