Now I will speak and I will laugh
Nobody can touch me as long as I can think
Now I'm living in heaven
Can you feel my motor revin'
I said it's good and all is right with the world
Now I can breathe and I can bleed and I can scream
Like a motherfuckin' demon
I am the Alpha and Omega and the sole surviving savior
All there ever was is all there'll ever be
Now I can see and I can feel any way I want to
I cut my own deals
I'm in the place that I created
The voices finally faded
Nothing's left but me as far as I can see
And I will burn and I can sting and I can fight
Like a wild, wild thing
I don't know what I believe in
But I know the thoughts I'm thinking
I am in everything, and everything is me
I will not, I will not, I will not.
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I Will Not, Pt. 4 Lyrics

The Vindictives – I Will Not, Pt. 4 Lyrics