No respect for a land-holding man
Only scum who pay when they can
Free-loaders, that hate what I am
Then beg me to fix their can
Ugly Harleys on the front lawn
I come by to turn the sprinklers on
Just tryin' to keep up the place
Get a knuckle sandwich right in my face
Kill my tenant
He ain't worth the rent
Section 8
Pays most of their rent
But they can't handle the 20 percent
Selling speed just ain't what it's been
want to see me make some homeless men?
Rent's in the mail,
You know that it's not
I got filth attempting to squat
Think I'm kidding,
'Til someone gets shot
I love slow targets on pot
Just tryin' to get appreciation
Some return on my investment
Go buy your own home
Tom Vu will show you how
To own big money and a yacht
How I long for midieval time's
Right to deflower virgins was mine
No coalitions telling me what to do
No pesky pinko ACLU
You can lynch whomever you like
Just be careful where you park that bike
I'm not impressed by pigs with no class
So get off your ass and go cut the grass
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Kill My Tenant Lyrics

The Vandals – Kill My Tenant Lyrics