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Stay The Same Lyrics

The Underachievers – Stay The Same Lyrics

[Issa Gold]
Y'all niggas not low
Trying to bang with the gods
Guaranteed y'all niggas gon' fold
I ain't try'na blow
Nigga fuck going Gold
Said I'd make more money off these shows
Everyday I smoke with the woes of the world
Only way young nigga gon' coast
Spreading love around the globe
When I come through they know
Young nigga ain't even got to boast
This straight slap

Flatbush, where the hoes and the fiends at?
Nigga flipped green packs 'til the heel cracked
Street kid but you know I bring peace back
Two blunts to the dome, nigga relax
Supposed to quit but you know a nigga relapse
Fuck patron
Smoking strong where the lean at
Got my love for the game
I don't need rap
But it's good when you know a nigga spit fact
Gonna extend my reign hoe
Double up, I count pesos
Building up, I'm like Legos
Back to basics I can't go
Spit rock, how we gon' flop?
Young nigga like 2Pac, let off two shots
All my niggas gon' hook
Brah, fuck your hood cop
Hittin' niggas 'fore they move
Cops laugh as you drop
Man fuck that
Been places they can't go
Seen things they can't know
Chilling blowing that dank dro
Reminiscent on my past fore'
Move you study the truth
In the booth
Make a new tune
Me and my crew
Nigga 'stead we got loose too
Lookin' like fools
We some leaders of the new school
Tell me, who you?

[Bridge: AK The Savior]
I'm a game changer, switching lanes
Made it through the pain, what you bang?
All my niggas king, this the hit off the brain
What you thought?
Soon as you'd get through war, you'd forget to reign
Ain't no limits in my way, all my niggas here to stay

[Bridge: A.K.] x4
Hold up, Hold up
Ain't work that hard to stay the same

Never had shit
Just a half of the piff
Strong will power and a passion to give
World on my hands, I ain't passing a kid
Gotta make sure that your plans on a rational tip
Way back then when my tracks ain't spin
Ain't have no support, now it's no new friends
I ignited the torch
I desire to win
Now I'm high with the voice that's inspiring 'man
Rise and you fall
But the prides held within
Spreading food for your thoughts
How my timing is spent
I've been convinced
If my rhyming get stripped
Top five of your best
And I've died for the bet

Alive on the first
In the sky on the sec'
Got positive earth
Each month on the West
Set fire to the Church
Speaking god for the check
Cause they tried to define since birth
What our flesh

Bigs to the best
Relax and take notes
Disaster only happens when
Rats do break lows
In trap door
We been living backwards
I know, look after one another
Think past the Bible

Pass some time though
Just for survival
Seeing both sides
Help redefine soul
Eyes turn red wine
From weed that I smoke
But always got time for leading my Coast

[Hook: A.K.]
I'm a game changer
Switching lanes
Made it through the pain
What'chu bang
All my niggas king
This the hit off the brain
What'chu thought?
Soon as you'd get through war, you'd forget to reign?
Ain't no limits in my way
All my niggas here to stay

[Bridge: A.K.]x4
Hold up, Hold up
Ain't work that hard to stay the same

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