Every body want a revolution
With no execution their attempt is fruitless
Tainted souls the next rap they lose it
Steady acting foolish fucking tracks are stupid
I put on for them sacred souls
And on my breaking point my nigga breaking joints
Because the government they only disappoint
With Sar Ayu unite us like a joint
Holy ligaments mighty filaments
Spitting difference so the world can listen
Souls I'm lifting from the songs I've written
From the dark they drifting now they heart is missing
Rap is exactly what they talking about
We fucking trump them out then we walk it out, it's nothing
Geppetto leg on this string they play like puppets
I never hang with the same and fake like Muppets
Back on the road nigga packing these shows
I was dark in the past but the past made me grow
Now my sanity glow with my patented flows
Gonna be draggin' my soul, but my heart made me whole
Leading off a new revolution
Pick your poison either way you lose it
Beastcoast we the chosen shooters
Which side you on you better get to choosing

Word to the Flatbush Zombies of Palm Trees
Then I calmly go spastic on these dark beats
To your posse, that comp me when I rock me
When I talk to, bring fire to my Lord dreams
Golden souls is free can't cross me nigga had no pot to pee
Now I pee green, spittin' holy prophecy the skies in the scene
World democracy lying through they teeth
Fuck the game they all walk the same I pave my own lane, do it only this way
Through the sun rays, sipping Bombay, flow can't be tamed
My nigga pardon me
Kemetic tactics to spread the message
Keep me blessed as I sit through lessons
Guarded hearts, no Smith n' Wesson, just fire souls
Who the fuck they testin'? (Heh) Who the fuck they testin'?
Who the fuck they testin'? (Heh) Who the fuck they testin'?

They don't really care about us
It's a bigger fight, thats how we end up in the cuffs
Steady witness the light like Phoenix rising from the dust
Everything got a price you got to do it for the love motherfucker
Medicated lungs to the elevated young
To a better state interview the future then it come
Ain't no future in the slums cause we used to shooting guns
So what you hitting masses with music from the sun
I'm a dream chaser leave your faith we major?
Little league minded but how they stay in ya lane bra
Steady big timin' and puffin' up the strains up
Open up your mind motherfuck being famous
Fuck getting paid if you ain't got no brain
No heart, no goal, no soul, no name
Kick hard flows then the promo came
Fade away with the J, I'ma stone cold King
But there's so much to obtain
Like a kid's first steps I crept up in the game
Watch a nigga progress finesse and bring change
With an Indigo second test or get slain
Middle finger to the Feds screaming motherfuck the cops
Young AK like young Pac same vision different plot
Puff pot till lungs drop sippers to the knock
I'm noxious why you dreaming cause I'm sitting at the top bitch
How you gon' stop this third eye conscious
Like a Tai Chi make one move and hit the concrete
Y'all raise fools I raise armies
Sacred jewels keep me
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Radiance Lyrics

The Underachievers – Radiance Lyrics