They say your dreams just like the Lotto no one gets those
But I go slow drivin' down Brettley Lane dodging pot holes
Ua drop a model, fuel the planet keep the motto
Started from the bottom now the whole planets colossal

Elevated knight fittin' to light smoke, fuck the hype and fix your life homie pronto
Plummet Heights and do it right don't gun tote
Guard your wife I might grab her like Fronto,
Head Honcho try to intrude you get combos,
Spreading the truth right through your console
Light up the oohck and let your pride show
Better the truce now only time knows, what we gon' do? I'm feelin'

We ain't bullshittin' I'm the Bull's Pippen
Something cold sippin right before I rip shit,
Beast Coast clan we the Gold grippin',
Fucking show killing getting souls uplifted
My opinion your mind is twisted
My mind is gifted, glow shinning different
Remember them times, not a pot to piss in
Now we poppin' shit like we got to gripping

I be on top of prisms like fuck the system
Light shining through me, got Apex vision
Puff holy flowers, got ancient wisdom
Said the world is ours, but they ain't listen
Demonstrate with the life I make
First they hate, but in God they relate
Travel the globe, pushing the darkness away
It's a long way home, I'm about to spark me an eighth

We the same dog, I just pay the cost
I have my own cross with my own thoughts
Symbolic for being reborn these niggas read wrong
But they don't mean harm, they pump your brain better be smart
Keep a keen heart, Shielded from the dark
Like camels partner, I'm spitting proper
Them Egypt prophets no one can stop us

Rays chop chop but they need binoculars
Too far ahead, Gods speed, you calmin' us
Shed no tear nor flee the evil
Keep enemies close so it's easy to eat you
Youngin' never listen to what the teacher teachin'
Now a nigga grown, teacher must lead the people
Hopeless doja's leave them see through
Generate a culture, and the rewards are peaceful
Gonna be a day, hope a nigga alive
Got no time to waste you ain't tryna get high,
Take a toke than I'm straight no fear at Oz,
Don't boast nor fake can't live no lie,
Young lords on my team,
Yeah we all wanna scream Beast Coast
Mother fucker watch or ride to regime,
We smoke by the zip blow it down til I'm steamed,
Bringing hope to my set it was all just a dream

2Pac lives, when I talk shit solo start tonight inside audience
Throwin' shots but they always miss
Real nigga like a Saudi prince, my nigga AK took it cold as shit
On a flame see how hot I get, cool down with a fire piff
Always keeps me on some higher shit adapt to my environment
The young Zioness

They define shit, with my iron fist and my godly flow when my mind is rich,
My dollars fold and you counterfeit straight clone no soul then devoured it,
Better hold your own don't get blinded kid
Cuz I'm on the same road, look what knowledge did
Higher learning, fire burning on my Ganja spliffs
The tables turning now I'm earning from accomplishments, Bitch

Congratulations nigga ya been patient, Lords of the Bush with the crack, we laced it,
Proclamation know we had to say this put them back to basics
Now we activating off the slave ship hopped in the spaceship
Taking off no waitin' building up like Mason
Never copy don't bother changing be yourself my nigga, only way to make it

Face the hatred, let it out creating
'Cause without the faith you will amount to nothin'
Trust me dog don't make it harder if you can't get shit
The youth and build a better nation
Set em free through my melodies and my energy from my pedigree
Loyal soldier put the chrome to vultures apply the torture for your majesty, nigga
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Luminescence Lyrics

The Underachievers – Luminescence Lyrics