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Al Capone Lyrics

The Underachievers – Al Capone Lyrics

[Verse 1: Issa Gold]
Trippy niggas getting all the hoes, well, I suppose
When I pull up they be marching slut walk, no Amber Rose
And my niggas keep it locked and cocked
Still rep that indigo
Told my nigga AK "drop the top", I'm steaming, fuck the law
Niggas sippin with my cogniac, I'm in the party smack
Run the team just like a quarterback
AK that Warren Sapp
Flatbush, we evolving rap
And now we tour the map
Came a long way, that's a fact
Look at where we started at
Now let's get lit [x9]
Fuck whoever run this bitch
I'ma still spark up my shit
Don't drink liquor with you niggas, only drink that shit with hoes
My clique sicka, skinny nigga, but you know I bring the noise
The young tripper can't hit with you
Nigga picky with his dope
The big dipper fuck you niggas
Hope in jail you drop the soap
Now that's fucked up [x9]
I told shorty "come in close, I can’t see you through the smoke"
Now my spliff thick like a cigar, take a picture Al Capone
This at least an ounce inside my shit, you niggas need some more
Smoking hookah you’se a loser
Only thing I blow is dope
I see through ya, you can't fool us
Ain't no way that you the boss

[Verse 2: AK]
Ain't no way, oh nah
Ain't no way that you the boss [x3]
We got much more for that cause
Pick your poison, serve that raw
Roll it then light it don't know what the time is
But I’ve been whipping while your soul was reclining
Every mission had to know where to find it
But it was written so I always was fine
Niggas be backwards, got clips for you actors
Got dick for your bitch but no rent for the pastor
Roll with a set and we cold like Alaska
Breath holding like asthma
Don't let the rolls catch you
Focus, I'm faster, much older now
It's a new chapter my page turning over
Check out my status cause shit automatic
Look like a chalice the spliff had me balanced, you know it
While they be talking about passion I show it
Had to free my mind of attachments and grow up
Couldn't be defined by some shit I ain't born with
Had to read the sign and take heed to the omens
Oh man, should have told her I don't do the lowens
I just poke her face like Lady Gaga slowin'
Now she scratch my back like her first name is Logan
Hit her with a dab and I'm gone like I'm stolen
Got to bust a bag of that dank every mornin'
Put a nigga pain in the beat for a moment
The reefer we blowin' bring me paranoia
But with paranoia I'm still shittin' on you
With paranoia I'm still shittin' on you
Reefer we blowin' bring me paranoia
But with paranoia I'm still shittin' on you
With paranoia I'm still shitting on you
Reefer we blowin' bring me paranoia
But with paranoia I'm still shitting on ya
It was grade A, she done got a diploma
Got steak on my plate, to be honest still starvin'
Like "where is my porridge, I burn up a forest"
I sticky like Horus
My plug is a florist
Won't stop until my pockets thicker than Norbit
Won't stop until my closet filled with that foreign
Fuck the coppers, don't protect, they destroy us
So keep that chopper by your side like an organ

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