The spit flyin' out your teenage braces
Gets some funny looks from lots of faces
Momma didn't spend it for you to throw it away
Your Daddy says please but you say no way!

Talk about, an independent lady
She aint got no blues cause she's my baby
Brokenback and underwearin
My sensibilities she's scaring

We don't gotta do what we've been told
We're big boys now and we're getting older
Boot marks that scratch your neighbours bonnet
We're hotter than a babe in a Shakespeare sonnet

Now we walk the streets like a big Godzilla
Your Momma knows my name from when I tried to thrilla'
So make your journey all worth while
Come and flash us that Bornwild Smile

Born Wild Smile (x6)

Chop up the trick track, never mind the pieces
She got eyes that shine like the baby Jesus
Slap-a-dappin groove makin' the baby body shakin'
Makes a little difference what sense he's makin'

Silver cup dreams gonna let you down,
Crash down to the sound of the underground
Too many Chefs gonna wreck your broth
Girl don't you know you're making snap backs drop

Check, Check Out (x6)

Born Wild Child makes your smile go wild
Born Wild Smile makes the child go wild
People watchin' don't believe she'll go miles
But she keeps rockin' that Born Wild Smile

Born Wild Smile (x6)
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Born Wild Smile Lyrics

The Tracks – Born Wild Smile Lyrics

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