Born into privilege, she needs a positive male role model
And phases in stages later, only to feel appreciated and comfortable naked
So how exactly do you expect to sing or fuck without an honest confidence?
What can I do to make you change the way you think?

This thing we have, it's electric like lightning in a bottle
You don't know how it happened and you can't let go
It's only something everybody thinks they want
And just like me, you are one of the guiltiest of all

So what's up with all the games we play?
Because the moves we make don't get us anywhere
The place at which we want to be is well within our reach
We're just not ready for it

So listen up or you'll be missing out
You always run your mouth like you know about us
I don't have the answers but I swear I got a clue
That's more than I can say for you haters

We are some of the guiltiest of all
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Lightning In A Bottle Lyrics

The Track Record – Lightning In A Bottle Lyrics