Do you still see their small hands?
Can you hear their soft voice?
And not even an ounce of you time
Was reflection of their choice.
Not even a thought crossed your mind
Now the crowd gathers around
It's all over
Little feet ran through trash you brought about
Still, their love for you was absolutely no doubt
Then life gets hard as life always can be
The decision you made will never set you free
Are you free?
Then the walls closed in on trailer park dirty south,
And the only thing that you could do
Was put a gun in your mouth
Your wife cried in my arms on the day they put you in the ground
Your little girls cried and that was the loudest sound
I have nothing left to say
I am speechless now
The only thing I can do for you
Is turn my back and walk away
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Suicide's Best Friend Lyrics

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – Suicide's Best Friend Lyrics