Well, he dines with the leaders of foreign countries
And he eats all kinds of exotic foods
And it doesn't always sit well in his stomach
And he doesn't want to be rude

By getting up from the table and going to the bathroom
And making a really big scene
Instead he just stays right in his chair
And he lets out gas as he leaves

Obama farts
Obama farts
Obama farts
He goes

Sometimes he sits for hours meeting with his advisers
And there never seems to be enough time
To pause the meeting by going to the bathroom
And it's not like it's a crime

For Obama to let a little gas to slip out of his bum
It makes him feel relaxed, not so nervous
You can see a change on the looks of their faces
When the smell reaches the Secret Service

Obama farts
Obama farts
Obama farts
He goes

Just 'cause you're elected President
Doesn't change anything about you
You still put your pants on one leg at a time
You still fart, puke, pee, and poo

And every man wants to be Obama
And every woman thinks he's cute
Though we don't like to think about the fact that every day
He goes toot toot toot toot
He does

Obama farts
Obama farts
Obama farts
Every day he goes

Obama farts
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Barack Obama Farts Lyrics

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