I woke up in this bed alone, but
I'm okay, and I'll remember that.
This will never keep me down no matter what it weights, and I'll remember that.
Did you earn the right to take this sound?
Do you want the answer?
The answer's way underground.
The casket's caving in.
I'll let it die with me again.
You, you're playing favorites now.
It'll never be the same, and I'll remember that.
This... Yeah, this is moving on and we're the ones to blame.
Yeah, I'll remember that. True colors always show.
It's in my heart and it's all I know. I gave you my trust.
You let me inside.
We could both lose ourselves tonight.
I'll take you to the top and drop you off.
I'll never forget you.
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Bad For Me Lyrics

The Swellers – Bad For Me Lyrics