Hey, Mr. Banjo, play a tune for me
Play, Mr. Banjo, a happy melody
Well, we'll clap our hands and we'll stamp our feet
You keep strumming while we keep the beat
Play, Mr. Banjo, a pretty melody


Hey, Mr. Banjo, plunk another tune
Hurry, Mr. Banjo, the night ends all too soon
Make your banjo talk while we dance and sing
Do a fancy walk while you pick the strings
Hey, Mr. Banjo, plunk a tune for me

(Banjo instrumental)

Hey, Mr. Banjo, play us just one more
Play, Mr. Banjo, just like you did before
When the stars are high and the moon is low
Keep on strumming on your old banjo
Hey, Mr. Banjo, play a tune for me

Hey, Mr. Banjo, play a tune for me!
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Hey Mr. Banjo Lyrics

The Sunnysiders – Hey Mr. Banjo Lyrics

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