Your words are catching up,
Don't waste your breath,
On words we've heard before.
We know you're all talk,
We see right through you.

Your moods change with the season.
This song gives you a reason,
To pack your bags and leave for the coast.

So we'll count it out with the kick drum 3, 4,
Count me out, you've done this before,
We won't let you.

Oh, oh singing this song tonight.
Oh, oh louder than it used to be,
So go on now and sing it out.
Sing it out, til we take this town,
Because another beat goes on.

We wake up to the world outside,
And they're all, all singing.
Give us a song to show the world.
This is who we are, we'll show em what we got.

Your moods change with the seasons.
This song gives us a reason,
To get get up, get up and get down.

Give us a song to show the world.
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Sing It Out Lyrics

The Summer Set – Sing It Out Lyrics