And here I stand, no need for disbelief,
Inside this room, there is only you and me.
A leap of faith, both absurd and cannot be justified.

"Take your choice, but one of us must live,
And one of us must surely take the grave.
You can push me in or be sanctified.
All the evidence has been surely tried. "

"And don't forget who you are
You are a servant of a powerful God
Not a puppet to the beckoning hands,
Of paradigms and tedious men.

And I forget who I am
You can argue but you must understand,
We're aghast at the state you are in.
You can close your eyes but it won't hide the sin,
And we know just where to begin... You have a need... In Me. "

What about the rules and the epithets
The misunderstanding hypocrites?
Will they ever stop?!

I can't suffer an additional philosophy,
Presuppositions & restraints... I'm stuck in a dichotomy,
You can pick apart my every mov
E I got nothing left to prove,
I just want to be left

Alone! (Stop listening to the lies.)
Alone! (You've no one left to blame.)
Alone! (You have a choice to make.)
"It's you, not them who's dying."

Now is the time and the place for that...
I can;
I can;
Fix this broken man,
I can.
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Go, Bid The Soldiers, Shoot Lyrics

The Suicide Of Miss Melancholy – Go, Bid The Soldiers, Shoot Lyrics