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The Moment Of Truth Lyrics

The Storyteller – The Moment Of Truth Lyrics

After weeks of waiting the dwarf finally returned and with him were the
guardians of Kail and
the sorcerers of light. He had successfully convinced them to join them in
their final battle. So
now it was time, there was no turning back, it was finally time to fight for
the freedom of Kail.
Because it's better to die in battle and to be free, instead of living as
slaves. The air was so
quiet. Everyone was waiting for the horns of war to sound.

The sound of the horns gives shivers in me
Cause now it is time to die or be free
So run to the walls and enter the gate
That keeps you from entering the castle
The arrows are flying, bring death to our warriors
How are we gonna get in?

The sorcerer casts a mighty spell that bashes down the gate
Everyone get in and fight, fight for the kingdom of Kail

For the freedom of Kail we shall bleed
As we fight for victory
We can't stop, we can never give in
Or the world will be lost for our souls

As we run to the courtyard, the soldiers of darkness is blocking our path
They try to stop us from finding the way
To their lord and the magic book
But they can't stop us from getting through, one by one they are falling by
our swords
I pity those who are in our way, their lives will end today.

There is a gate that leads to the dungeons
A path to the heart of the dark
Try to stay calm, 'cause they can sense your fear
One mistake and you DIE

Why are all these voices calling me?
They want to take my soul, just keep away.

"Welcome my friend to my domains, welcome to your purgatory"
You are the one I have seen in my dream, you are the one I shall fight
"You will never defeat me my friend, you will die and your soul will be
I shall never surrender to you, I shall rather die

The Sorcerer's spell is protecting us all
And with his help, then we'll never fall
I feel the powers, the gods are at our side
I draw my blade and burst into the fight

For the freedom of Kail...


And so the legend of Kail has come to an end. After a bloody battle the book
of mystery was
finally retaken and returned to the sorcerers of light. And the evil one?
When he knew that the
battle was lost he started to chant on a magic spell, and suddenly a thick
fog started to fill the
room. When the fog disappeared the evil one was gone, but one thing is for
sure: when the time
comes he will return again.

But for now the kingdom of Kail was free again, and everyone in Kail was
celebrating with songs
and music, which kept on for days. Yes indeed, that was days of joy and

After saying goodbye to his friends, Siam begun his long journey home to his
beloved, and
together they lived many years in peace. And this my friends is where my
story ends... for now.
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