Do you think of me
When your all alone
Like I think of you
And everything we used to know
Take a step with me
Your too close for closure
And my heart can't take much more
This is not exactly
How I wanted to spend my night
Crying my self to sleep on a concrete floor
And this is not exactly
Where I saw this point in my life
I just can't take it anymore
So I spent a year
Trying to explain it to myself
But I just can't fake it tonight
So I pack my bags
And use the thought of you to keep my warm
The brightest fire burns inside
I just need to slow down
And hold down
My stomachs worn thin
Because I just got the low down
Of everyone
That you have been with
I can't fuckking take this
I hate this
Like everything
I’m so sick of bull shit
And all the fights I hate them
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Too Close For Closure Lyrics

The Standing Room – Too Close For Closure Lyrics

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