I can feel myself wither away into a dark and loney place. I feel no love, no sympathy for where is thy love I must ask to thee. I was made into a demon without a soul. Built by the ones who have died long ago. For I'm the darkest of evils with scissors for hands for shall I find love ever again.

I was made with scissors for hands I wonder if ill ever find my love again. All I know is my soul is now dead compared to when I believed everything you said (everything you said)

I am the one you call, the savior the master of it all I'm the only one made with scissors for hands my life is devoted to killing again. My heart is now as black as the sky for this is now your final goodbye.

I keep myself alive just to die a little more everyday for my insanity is starting to sway
My insanity starts to sway

Incomplete, alone and unfinished my insanitys starting to sway
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The Darkest Of Evils Lyrics

The Sick And Unspoken – The Darkest Of Evils Lyrics

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