Long days and longer nights,
They stretch like barren seas.
God only knows if we'll ever see
Home or if that home remembers me.
We have heard the sirens song
And we have braved the hydras maw.
A dream of glory gone too far
To make a place in history ours.

Servants, strangers, heroes to ourselves.
Hearts beat in rhythm as we sail.
And I will not die forgotten to this world.
Icons and vagabonds, the rulers of this earth.

We are the dead.
We are the homesick, lost and loveless.
Left to live (cause we won't die).
Though stretched and broken we will rise.
We are the deaf. But you will hear us sing again.
A song of hope (a song of life).
A song to urge the ill advised.

We live or die the chosen few to face the early graying dawn.
Let history remember us as those who conquered the beyond.
Ageless and mighty let our legend outlive time.
Warriors and proud men all, you will hear of our lives.

Cause we won't die. I will not die.
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Odysseus - A Song Of Hope Lyrics

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