I don’t need your absolution
To keep my sins from damning me I’ve made this bed to lie
You can keep your revelation
Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a blaster at your side, kid

But you said we’d see the day when the sky came crashing down
Yet here we are standing face to face
With your lies, your convenient alibis
Who will save you now?

I don’t need your picket fences
No money down modern convenience instant winner fantasy
You can keep your star spangled dream
I’ve woken up from it on the wrong side of the bed

But you said we’d never see the day when the bottom would fall out
Yet here we are, standing face to face
With the path, that is traveled down and worn
And the comedy goes on (until)

There are no more lies
No platitudes of an afterlife, of skycake or a plan divine
No more cries
Of I deserve a bigger slice, and fuck you man, cause I got mine
No more lies
Of spreading democracy with a bayonet and trust me I’m from the government
No alibis
For everything done in God’s name, and every time we’ve passed the blame
To everyone who plays the game and thinks they’ll beat the house.
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False Bill Of Goods Lyrics

The Shell Corporation – False Bill Of Goods Lyrics