Wake me up; please wake me up (x2)

I need to wake from this dream
I cannot hear myself scream
I'm scratching inside my head
To tear myself from my bed
My stomach churning, my throat is burning
In here, dark violence, I lay in silence

My eyes jar open, drenched and broken
I'm scared in my own skin of thoughts that dwell within
The fear of going back shrouds my mind in black
I strike myself to feel and find it's still not real

Like I never left, I feel approaching death
Convulsions wrack each breath
Under flesh it breeds, on my limbs it feeds
From wounds that never bleed
Each moment draining life, I can no longer fight
I sense the coming light
There's warmth upon my skin and hope burns within
Can I wake from this sin?

Don't give in to the dark
I know we can make it through
Hold on and stay in the light
Don't let them take you too
Give me a reason to fight
I don't have the strength to go on
I'm lost and too far in
Can't you see they've already won?

While I wait for thoughts to cease
I know I'll never rest in peace
So if morning should ever come
Promise you'll wake me please
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Nightmare Lyrics

The Sharrow – Nightmare Lyrics

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