It's deep, it's wide
You never know just what's inside
No love, no hate
No emotion no night, no day
New kid in town
No money just hangin' around
It's dark, he knows
Surf calls and away he goes

But there's a cold blooded killer cruisin' around
Hide 'n' seek's over and you've been found
Movin' in closer but you won't hear a sound

Blue Water White Death
Blue water runs red
Panic inside your head
Blue Water White Death
Cold water runs hot
Panic is all you've got
Blue Water White Death

It's deep it's wide
Board floats on the rip-tide
No noise no fight
Disappears in the black night

'Don't Surf'

Day breaks, high tide
Hot buttered board with a hole in the side
New kid, same game
Surf keeps callin' again and again and again.....
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Blue Water, White Death Lyrics

The Sharks – Blue Water, White Death Lyrics