Turn up the song, babe you know you wanna hear the truth
As it resonates so clear inside your head

Well I've been trying to start over
Getting back to all the promises I made
It was a damn cold night, when she left me
And I'll be damned if I let her catch me in this state

I can't let you fall for me again
Cause heartache is the only thing that you can comprehend
It's wasted and over
Life's weighting on your shoulders
And I'm all you need in a friend

So dear, what makes you so afraid to feel
Like all these broken hearts aren't real
Without you, I could never make it on my own
Not it hurts to be alone
But everything you said
Is running through this head, now

Can we get back to yesterday
And I don't know, one things for sure
What makes you think that this is self control?
And if we could take another shape it'd be
(Well I'm waiting for)
A letter marked a words with don't mean anything to me

Cause I can't let you fall for me again
Cause jealousy's the only things that you can understand
They say that you're fine on your but it's a lie
And all you know is falling

What makes you think you're on your own?
(On your own)
Cause going forward means leaving all you know
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Setting The Best Example Lyrics

The Sequence – Setting The Best Example Lyrics