I haven't slept in years and I don't need the rest
There'll be time for that shit when the graveyard's my address
They tell me close my eyes and dream the life I want instead
But I'm too busy living, I'll sleep when I'm dead
I won't walk your straight line, no I don't want your life
I don't want your politics, your war or your fucking lies
Looking at me with scorn, I can see it in your eyes
But I won't walk your straight line, no I don't want you life
Might trip on your straight line and stumble over the edge
But this is where I want to be the other side of your picket fence
Broken principals and wills I've seen it all before
But I've got my eyes wide open man and they're looking for a little more
Sleep when you're dead
Billions of sleepwalkers and they're all joining the ranks
Desire what they've taught to want and that's the problem man, no thanks
Because it's not about what you want I fucking know what I need
And I'll fight to live my own life until I run out of speed
Sleep when you're dead
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Sleep When You're Dead Lyrics

The Rusty Trombones – Sleep When You're Dead Lyrics

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