You're the one
Now I know it
In time I'm going to show you
Day by day
I pick myself up
All alone and waiting for you
Take my key
Set your heart free
I've got the love that's so true

Test of time
You're just a test of time
I can stand the test of time
Test of time
I'll make belive that your mine
And it's just a test of time

When you're around
I can't deny it
I always want you by me
It might be lone
I don't mind
Come to me when you're ready

[Repeat Chorus]

Side by side
Is how we could be
And I'm here anticipating
What can I do
You're just my kind
With me no chance you're taking
I do the time
Do it alone
Change your heart and I will be waiting

[Repeat Chorus] x2

I don't mind
Yes it's true this heart will keep waiting
Now I know it
Say it over and over
Just a test of time
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Test Of Time Lyrics

The Romantics – Test Of Time Lyrics