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Highschool Psychopath Lyrics

The Riptides – Highschool Psychopath Lyrics

Highschool psychopath.....
Way back in highschool the joks called me a geek
They superbowled me 10 times a week
They wedgied like a fucking curse
but I got 'em back 10 times worse

I was a highschool psychopath....

Some of the teachers took me aside
Said "Be a stand up. Protect your pride"
Behind my back they just laughed at me
They got it coming just wait and see

I was a highschool psychopath....

School's out for summer. School's out forever
It's three o'clock and the time has come
I've waited 4 years to have my fun
Can't wait to see the look in their eyes
When I show 'em my big surprise

I was a highschool psychopath....
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